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Terms of use
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Terms of use

- Viewshare/us/we: We are the provider of the Viewshare service.
- This service/the service: The Viewshare website.
- You/user: The user of this service
- Content creator: A user who contributes content to this service.


B.1. These terms may be subject to change without notice as we make continued adjustments to this service.

B.2. This service may be altered or discontinued without notice.

B.3. This service is provided freely to users and content creators without any warranty or guarantee that the service will remain available, reliable, or fit for purpose.

B.4. Under no circumstances shall we be liable for any loss or damage arising from any of: the use of this service, reliance on this service, or withdrawal of access to this service. Viewshare should be considered to be an experimental service and treated as such.

B.5. We may, subject to our own operating capacity and discretion, choose to withdraw access to this service to any user or users for any reason, using any technical means practicable for use in such situation.

B.6. Viewshare is an automated system and content creators shall have no expectaion of one-on-one support.

B.7. Data associated with the use of this service is stored both in browser cookies and on servers associated with the delivery of this service.


C.1. You agree not to use this service for any purpose that could reasonably be deemed illegal within Australian legal jusisdiction and your country of residence.

C.2. You agree not to access this service, nor post content, for any purpose that could be deemed obscene or offensive by any reasonable person.

C.3. You agree not to use this service for the purpose of promoting online gambling.

C.4. We reserve the right to remove content or withdraw access to this service in cases where, subject to our own discretion, we deem that a content creator has contributed content that we deem to be unethical.


D.1. By linking or submitting content to this service, the content creator attests that (a) such content is the content creator's own work or work which they have explicit permission to use on Viewshare, and (b) the content may be freely displayed via the Viewshare service without payment.

D.2. Before and throughout use of Viewshare, content creators shall determine for themseves (a) the value that using Viewshare as-is provides to them, (b) the risks associated with the use of this service, and (c) whether it is appropriate for them to continue the use of the service based on (a) and (b). We are under no obligation to offer additional value to content creators beyond any existing benefits of using the service as-is. Content creators are free to cease the use of this service if and when they deem appropriate based on the benefits and risks associated with this service.

D.3. Low quality content, including content deemed to meet the common definition of 'spam', content which does not meet these terms and conditions, imagery deemed irrelevant to the premise of the Viewshare format, content which is not accurately described or intended to mislead the user into viewing unrelated content, and other content subject to our sole discretion, may be removed from the Viewshare service and we may remove or limit access to user accounts in order to limit the creation of content we deem unsuitable.


E.1. Under no circumstances shall we be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of, nor reliance on, this service.

E.2. Where you dispute the use of an item/items of content that is/are hosted by a third party, you agree to resolve such dispute(s) directly between yourself and the third party the content is retrieved from.

E.3. In circumstances where it is expedient for us to do so, and subject to our own discretion, we reserve the right to withdraw your access to all or part of this service, and/or remove content posted by a content creator, without notice or compensation, in order to deal with a dispute and/or to deal with a violation of our terms of service.

E.4. You shall not persue any legal action against Viewshare that could reasonably be regarded as spurious, opportunistic, or without merit.

E.5. You agree to immediately cease using this service if you have failed to comply with any term(s) in this agreement.

E.6. We will not act as a mediator for any dispute between two parties except at our sole discretion.