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Content concerns
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Concerns about imagery on Viewshare

How Viewshare links content via third parties

Unlike many social media websites, Viewshare does not store or host image content. Rather, Viewshare functions a bit like a browser within your web browser, loading content from various third-party locations around the web in real time.

This distributed approach keeps content creators in full control of their own work, and is bandwidth-efficient on an increasingly congested Internet. For example, a real-estate agency might host images of properties in their area via their own corporate website, geographically local to where their customers will be and removing the need for heavy international network traffic.

The best way is to remove any image is directly at its source, by directly contacting the provider responsible for hosting the image. When the relevant third-party hosting provider removes the image, it will no longer be available through Viewshare nor anywhere else.

Contacting a hosting provider to get an image removed

The hosting details for each image loaded into a Viewshare view are listed within the main viewer interface (you may need to scroll down for these extended details), including the source location of the image itself, the full domain name of the website which hosts the image, and the top-level-domain name (TLD) of the hosting website.

Reputable image hosting providers should list contact details and may provide functionality for reporting images for removal. Otherwise, the contact details for each website domain name on the internet are listed as a legal requirement in the relevant WHOIS directory for the TLD that the hosting provider's website is registered under (for example, there is a public online WHOIS directory for all .au registered domain names). Many website owners will list a privacy agent or PO Box for messages to be directed to; these will be relayed to the owner and/or administrator of the website to act upon. Many domain registrars will also provide a facility for reporting abuses of normal terms of service.

Where a valid image has been linked via Viewshare without consent of the copyright holder, or other situations

In some cases, a content creator may steal content from another source without permission, or there may be a clear violation of Viewshare's terms of use which cannot be resolved by getting the image removed from its source. In this case, you may email and quote the 'view reference' code listed on the viewer interface page. You should also detail the nature of the issue and any steps you have undertaken to resolve the problem. You will not receive a reply email, and we aim to review all serious reports as promptly as possible subject to our discretion and logistical ability to do so. Concerns deemed to be spurious in nature as well as emails which do not detail the nature of the concern may be discarded without notice.