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Privacy policy
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Privacy policy


A.1  Browser cookies may be created to be stored by a user's web browser. These may be accessed by our service in order to track the state of the user's session while Viewshare is being accessed.

A.2. Browser cookies may be retained in the user's web browser after the conclusion of your session in order to correctly restore state information at the start of your next session.

A.3. Our service runs through a third-party content delivery network, which may modify HTTP requests to store cookies and retrieve analytical data (such as your IP address and browser type) for purposes which include protecting the network and service against malicious network traffic and automated abuse of the system.

A.4. Image content is linked through third-party networks outside our direct control. In some cases, content creators may place tracking information into image request URLs and/or log IP addresses of requests to access this content. However such image retrieval requests do not typically allow the third party network to set cookies nor track the user's activity when they are not retrieving such content (some technical caveats may apply).

A.5. Aggregate data on content accessed and viewed may be collected in order to determine popularity of content on Viewshare and to diagnose network issues.

A.6. Session data (including IP addresses and page requests) may be logged in order to protect the Viewshare network from malicious network activity.

A.7  Where practicable, the user is notified and asked to accept privacy and other terms of use prior to any storage of data that is within our direct control to implement. However it should be noted that due to the technical nature of the World Wide Web and Hypertext Transfer Protocol, it is necessary to retrieve specific browser cookie(s) in order to determine whether this notification has not already been displayed and agreed to prior to displaying it in the first place. (This is necessary due to the wording of GDPR regulations; which requires websites to make a determination of 'active consent' prior to data collection which itself cannot practicably be made without prior data collection of the consent itself via browser cookies, since lawmakers still do not understand the Internet. It affects accessibility too.)


B.1.  A user may voluntarily create an account in order to publish viewspace data on this website. The account does not need to be linked to a physical person's identity.

B.2.  An account holder may optionally provide an email address, which can be cleared by the account holder at any time. Where provided, this information is held for account administration purposes. From time to time, we may send email to an account holder regarding account support issues. We generally avoid the use of bulk mailouts where practical, and do not send advertising or promotional material via email.

B.3.  Any content created by an account holder may be deleted or modified for anonymity by the account holder at any time via the user console, except in circumstances where we have removed a user's access to the account console due to malicious or negligent violation of our terms of service or other abuse of this service.