Share your world.

What's Viewshare?

Viewshare is a website that lets you share physical places online, then lets other people explore them.

How does it work?

It's easy...
  • Take photographs of your street / your store / your campus, from various viewpoints.
  • Get your photographs onto the web. (We're not an image host, so this part's up to you.)
  • Link them together into your own complete viewspace, which people can navigate around.
  • Link your viewspace to other viewspaces, to make the experience seamless.
  • People explore your viewspace, leaving comments in various places (if you let them).
  • What's it good for?

  • Have a cool space you want to show off? Turn it into a viewspace.
  • Have a venue for hire? Selling your house? Renting out an apartment? Boost the profile of your place by letting people explore your place online.
  • Keep the vibe of a party forever. By snapping a few angles from several different vantage points, you can compile a viewspace that lets you return to that moment in time, any time you want. Selfies are so last year.
  • Imaginative? Artistic? Create your own world for people to lose track of time in.
  • Is it free?

    Yes. And awesome.

    Who can I contact if I'm not happy with your website?

    Visit our contact page. Keep in mind that we're human and there aren't very many of us left, so please be patient.

    Who can I sue if I'm not happy with your website?

    Your parents.

    When will it be ready?

    It's been in mothballs since 2006. We hope to have it revived soon.
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